Take SVG into reality


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SVGTOGO was envisioned to be helpful for 2D CAD engineers who need control of large drawings as well as graphic designers that need a way to take art into their designs. SVGTOGO retains physical size and meta data for alignment to real world object in AR/VR. SVGTOGO can open a new world for interactive AR/VR, AI, data modeling, BI, charting and reporting.

SVGTOGO simplifies the SVG import process so more people can enjoy the ease of use and flexibility of their own SVG's within Unity.




Download from the Unity Asset store

Benefits of SVGTOGO:

  • SVGTOGO imports SVG's as game objects that are positioned to reconstruct a representation of the original SVG file
  • SVGTOGO provides a Runtime API and Editor Mode Menu options
  • SVGTOGO game objects can represent a Mesh, SVG (Sprite/Texture/etc.)
  • SVGTOGO game objects can maintain layer and order
  • SVGTOGO works around the 65536 vertices limit
  • SVGTOGO rescales SVG to physical size using DPI
  • SVGTOGO game objects have a meta data component that contains either none, all, or a specific SVG Attribute(s) for each converted element
  • SVGTOGO META component can be used to reference Pass thru information from tag and SVG XML Attribute tags (for example: partnumber, SKU, etc.)
  • SVGTOGO game objects can be isolated to Group or Layer
  • SVGTOGO game objects can be individually moved and scaled to allow "Exploded View" or Animations
  • SVGTOGO works with SVG output from:
  • - Inkscape
  • - Adobe
  • - Many more